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Autism and Asperger syndrome fall within a group of disorders classified as pervasive developmental disorders (PDD's). Some researchers think Autism and Asperger represent two severities along a single disease continuum. Autism occurs at a rate of about 40 per 10,000, while the rate for all PDD's is 67 per 10,000. The principle characteristics of these diseases are impairments in social interaction, stereotypic/repetitive behaviors, and impairments in communication, and about two thirds of patients with Autism are mentally retarded.. Mutations in either of two genes, NLGN3 and NLGN4 (Neuroligin 3 and 4), have been described in Autism/PDD/Asperger syndrome and non-specific mental retardation in males. Research is progressing quickly, and it is hoped that more information will soon be available including the possibility of definitive DNA tests.



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